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Vicoo 2030-“Visioni Cooperative” (Cooperative visions) is the laboratory of ideas created by Legacoop Bologna  to promote cooperation, innovation and sustainable development for businesses, communities and territory.


Legacoop Bologna launched Vicoo in 2015 on the occasion of its 70th anniversary as a tool to connect cooperative enterprises with the world of university, research, social innovation and culture.


The strategic directions of Vicoo’s work programme range from digital transformation to participatory welfare, from urban regeneration to new models of consumption, from cooperative platforms to open innovation in the agri-food sector.


All these directions have one common feature: the commitment to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda  and the constant promotion of cooperation among younger generations.


Vicoo’s working method envisages the construction of networks and partnerships aimed at carrying out experimental projects, research activities, training workshops, and public initiatives to promote the cooperative culture among local communities.


Vicoo is a space for connection, reflection and dialogue for those who want to be agents of change, looking at the futurewith a cooperative vision.


An open-innovation project that connects cooperative enterprises in the agri-food sector with start-ups, students and researchers at the University of Bologna.

Experimental programme to support cooperative enterprises and start-ups that intend to start, extend or strengthen activities and skills in the digital platform economy.

Change-Makers is the digital magazine that spreads the ideas, tells the stories and presents the agents of change. The topics covered are: cooperation and social, environmental, economic, digital, organisational, ethical and philosophical innovation.